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Fatebenefratelli_BresciaThe Italian project team works at IRCCS S.Giovanni di Dio “Fatebenefratelli” in Brescia, and it is part of the Alzheimer’s Dementia Evaluation Unit and of the Clinical Trial Unit. The Alzheimer’s Dementia Memory Clinic is a facility specifically devoted to the care of the patients affected by AD and related disorders. The methodology involves a multidisciplinary approach and a strict dialogue between clinical and research aspects which is one of the strongest peculiarities of our institute. It also offers a wide range of both pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions along with caregiver education and support.


The professionals who will be involved in the Actifcare project are:

oraziozanettiProfessor Orazio Zanetti is Head Physician of the Geriatrics Ward at IRCCS S.Giovanni di Dio “Fatebenefratelli” in Brescia since 1987 and Chief of the Alzheimer’s Unit-Memory Clinic Since 1999. He is also Professor of geriatrics at the University of Brescia (since 2002) and at the University of Genova (since 2004). He has been I was a member of the National Executive Council of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SIGG) from 2000 to 2003 and he is actually member of “Cultural Foundations of Geriatrics” SIGG and of the Board of Directors expanded the SIGG. Professor Zanetti is actually member in Editorial Board of “Non-Pharmacological Therapies in Dementia” and referee for several scientific newspapers. He has been and currently is the P.I. in several Clinical Trials with AD patients.



giorgiokuffeschinDr. Giorgio Kuffenschin is a Geriatrician with more than 25 years of experience. He’s been health director of the Villa Carcina nursing home between 1985 and 1989 and he has been instructor of Geriatrics at a vocational training course and a continuing education course for health workers. He works at IRCCS San Giovanni di Dio “Fatebenefratelli” in the Alzheimer Dementia ward since 2000 so he has also been involved in many Clinical Trials as a co-investigator. Dr. Kuffenschin is now also Geriatrics advisor in the Alzheimer Dementia ward of a nursing home in Nave (BS).




Francesca LombardiDr. Francesca Lombardi is a cognitive psychotherapist with a 6 years-experience in Clinical Trials with Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Actually she is attending a Child and Adolescent Pychopatology and Pshycotherapy Master, and she’s a member of the Alzheimer’s Dementia Evaluation Unit and of the Clinical Trial Unit at IRCCS S.Giovanni di Dio “Fatebenefratelli” in Brescia where she is involved in many pharmacological trials.





Elisa PortolaniDr. Elisa Portolani is actually attending a neuropsychological and cognitive psychotherapy post-graduate school. She has awork on project-basis contract at Fatebenefratelli in Brescia, where she is part of the Alzheimer’s Dementia Evaluation Unit and of the Clinical Trial Unit. She recently worked on an observational study which focused on the use of resources and on the economical aspects in Alzheimer’s Dementia.




Cristina BonominiDr. Cristina Bonomini is a Psychologist and actually attends a dynamics and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy post-graduate school. Cristina works as a researcher for the Alzheimer’s Dementia Evaluation Unit and the Clinical Trial Unit at IRCCS S.Giovanni di Dio “Fatebenefratelli” in Brescia since 2003, where she gained a decennial experience with neurodegenerative disorders by administering neuropsychological evaluation instruments and by giving psychological support to patients and their caregivers. In the last 11 years she conducted several randomized control trials with both AD patients and MCI due to AD patients


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Prof. Orazio Zanetti

Alzheimer’s Research Unit-Memory Clinic, IRCCS Centro S.Giovanni di Dio, Fatebenefratelli, Via Pilastroni, 4
25123, Brescia
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This project is supported locally by funding from Italian Ministry of Health under the aegis of JPND (