Project Description

The Norwegian team consists of  Geir Selbæk, Knut Engedal, Janne Røsvik, Mona Michelet and Sverre Bergh.

GeirGeir Selbæk: MD, Psychiatrist, PhD, Research Director, Ageing and health – Norwegian centre for research, education and service development (NKAH). WP5 leader.





Knut Knut Engedal: MD, Psychiatrist, Dr.Med, Professor Emeritus, NKAH, WP5 deputy.






janne Janne Røsvik: RN, Cand.Polit, Postdoc fellow, NKAH.






mona Mona Michelet: OT, MSc, phd student, NKAH.






SverreSverre Bergh, MD, PhD, co-worker, Research leader department of old age psychiatry research, Innlandet hospital trust.





Siren-croppedSiren Eriksen is an associate professor and research fellow at the Norwegian Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health and the Department of health sciences, Buskerud and Vestfold University College, Drammen, Norway. She finished her PhD in 2012 on the subject “Experiencing post-stroke depression. The nature and impact in a longitudinal perspective”. She has a master’s degree in ethics and is a registered nurse. Her research interests in especially within the field of psychosocial well-being, mental health care and elderly, rehabilitation and recovery processes, quali tative research, and ethics.



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Dr. Geir Selbaek,

National advisory unit on Ageing and Health
Oslo University hospital, Ullevaal
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Norway FRlogoEngrgb-farger,0This project is supported locally by funding from Research Council of Norway under the aegis of JPND (