Project Description


1)     Understanding the costs and consequences of formal care services utilisation by people with unmet needs in Europe.

2)     Determining the major costs and quality of life drivers and the relation with formal care services across European countries.

3)     Validation of the ICECAP-O instrument and the CarerQol instrument for the assessment of quality of life in relation to the timing of formal care in Europe.


Data on several Health Technology Assessment (HTA) measures will be gathered for the eight partner countries as part of the cohort study (WP3). Costs and effects will then be examined using the principles of cost-consequence analysis. The results of these analyses will be used to develop best-practice strategies (WP5) and dissemination activities (WP6).

WP4 Leader: Prof. Anders Wimo, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about the WP4 team here.