Project Description


1)     Developing a project website for the dissemination of the research findings and for internal discussions, including information to academia, industry, authorities, and the general public.

2)     Preparing project press releases.

3)     Sharing knowledge with researchers, and other projects.

4)     Developing a project brochure, poster, and other awareness materials.

5)     Organising meetings, briefings, and the project closing conference in Europe.


A critical aspect of the project is dissemination of its results to a wide audience. Communicating the message that there are effective ways of supporting people with dementia in the community, awareness of barriers to effective care and ensuring cost-effectiveness of such care is essential to the success of the project. The target audiences for the ACTIF care dissemination effort are community care practitioners, the general public, national health services, patient advocacy groups and dementia researchers.

WP6 Leader: Dr. Kate Irving, Dublin City University, Ireland. Click here to read more about the WP6 team.