Dr. Louise Hopper (DCU) presented the findings from the Irish focus groups for people with dementia, held as part of the WP2 stream in Actifcare, at the Alzheimer Association International Conference (AAIC) 2015 in Washington DC, on Wednesday July 22nd. These focus groups explored peoples’ experiences accessing and using formal home- and community-based dementia services and supports. The findings from the focus groups support an increasing body of evidence that highlights the very clear gaps that exist between the formal services that exist in Ireland, and the care advocated for by an increasingly diverse group of people living with dementia.

The poster presentation is available for download in the Actifcare Publications page of the website.

The WP2 team are currently analysing the focus group findings from each of the countries involved in the Actifcare project and transnational results will be available later this year.

Actifcare AAIC 2015