The Actifcare team met in Oslo on the 4th and 5th of February 2016 and good progress continues to be made across the different work streams.

  • General project progress was reviewed (WP1 team).
  • The WP2 team presented the complete set of results from the cross-country analysis of the focus group data (publication expected later this year). They also presented preliminary findings from the analysis of the expert interviews across five of the partner countries.
  • The WP3 team presented a detailed update on the progress of the cohort study along with the results of a preliminary analysis of the baseline data from the study. The overall analysis plan was also discussed with the wider group.
  • The baseline health-economics data from the cohort study was presented by the WP4 team, along with their analysis plan the three research questions in their work stream.
  • The WP5 team presented the preliminary ‘best-practice’ findings of the national searches in the grey literature and the initial feedback from their scoping study. The Norwegian team are also the first to start their final follow-up interviews and they summarized their experiences for the group.
  • The WP6 team reviewed the dissemination activities across the project. Agreement was reached to publish the second issue of the Actifcare newsletter in April/May 2016, and ideas for the final project meeting were discussed.

Many thanks to the Norwegian team for their generous hospitality.