A Norwegian web-site for children and teenagers who have a mother or a father with dementia has been launched.

This is the link to the web-site: http://hvemsermeg.no/

(hvem=who,  ser=sees,  meg=me)

This site has tailored information about dementia and advice to children and teenagers, written in an easily understandable language.  Also there are links to people and organizations that can help.

The mascot of the site is the owl Huske (=Remember)

The site is run by Ageing and Health Norway (one of the partners involved in the Actifcare project) in cooperation with the national Alzheimer’s organization (NGO)  with funding from the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The short film on the home page of the site is available in Norwegian at the moment, but you can get a sense of what it is about even if you don’t speak Norwegian. An English version of the film is available on the Cannes Film Festival website by scrolling to either of the prize categories listed below (http://www.cannescorporate.com/en/winners2016.php)


  1. “Gullblyanten” (“the golden pencil”)  for the good communication delivered through the film.
  2. Cannes Film Festival – Category A10: Medical Films (Silver Dolphin)
  3. Cannes Film Festival – Category D38: Best Animation, Graphics & Special Effects (Black dolphin)

Entrant: Headspin Communication AS

Client: Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for aldring og helse

Producer: Headspin Communication AS

Director:Per Ole Aabakken, Klaus Nystad, Ole-Marius Lakselv

Animation, Graphics & Special Effects: Ole-Marius Lakselv, Kent Skorstad, Herman Simpson