The Actifcare team met in Lisbon this month and very good progress continues to be made in each of the work streams. The highlights of the meeting were:

Friday 21st October

  • The WP1 team presented an overview of study progress. A lot of work has been performed over the last year. All measurements are finished and our data are currently being analysed. All planned deliverables are finished.
  • The WP3 team presented preliminary results from the 1-year cohort study. These, and the plans for the more complex analyses were reviewed and agreed by the consortium. Open questions were discussed and resolved.
  • The WP4 team also presented preliminary results from the health-economics data in the cohort study. These were reviewed and next steps were agreed with the consortium. WP4 also reported that the validation of the ICECAP-O and Carer-QoL measures is complete.

Saturday 22nd October

  • The WP2 team opened the day with a summary of the results from this work package, which is now complete. Publication plans were discussed.
  • The WP5 team presented the results of the scoping review and the protocol for the Best-Practice Delphi process. The consortium discussed the best approach to writing the statements that would form the basis of the Delphi process, participant recruitment and timelines.
  • The WP6 team reviewed the dissemination activities across the project. Agreement was reached to publish the third edition of the Actifcare newsletter at the end of November 2016. Ideas for wider reaching dissemination and ideas for the final project meeting were discussed.

Many thanks to the Portuguese team for their generous hospitality, and to the Irish team for dinner!