The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of officers from Alzheimer Europe and talented researchers with expertise complimentary to the Actifcare project.

The role of the SAB will be to:

–        monitor all the activities of the project on an ongoing basis (including reading deliverables and reports, and being invited to plenary meetings) and to point out opportunities for improving the project in real time

–        provide specific guidance on specific topics, when requested by the project team which may occur when a specific question arises, on a topic for which a member of the SAB has established expertise – in this situation, the advisory board member acts as a “consultant” to the project

–        provide feedback and advice to the project team, addressing any concerns and suggesting adjustments to the project activities

The members of the SAB are:

–        Prof. Werner Brouwer who is a Professor of Health Economics at the institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam

–        Prof. David Challis who is a Professor of Community Care Research at the University of Manchester

–        Mr. Jean Georges who is the Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe

–        Dr. Dianne Gove who is the Information Officer at Alzheimer Europe

–        Prof. Rhiannon Tudor Edwards who is a Professor of Health Economics at Bangor University

–        Prof. Jan Hamers, who is a Professor of Care of Older People at Maastricht University