SMARD stands for Scientific Modelling for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias. It aims to provide open source health technology assessment (HTA) material with a focus on decision analytic modeling. It has been started by researchers within the ACTIFcare project.

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As researchers in the field of health technology assessment we have developed a decision model to simulate diagnostic procedures and disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease. Worldwide various researchers have preceded us. Their work, presented in publications and conferences, has been valuable.

Decision models in are continuously improving and many aspects regarding methodology remain to be learned. Sharing this knowledge is of major importance. We see databases like ADNI travel all over the world providing a major boost to scientific knowledge. In our opinion the logical next step is to share (pieces of) decision analytic modelling code to be discussed and improved by the community.

Feel free to comment on the content of this website and share your ideas, pieces of code or data for the evaluation of health technologies by decision analytic modelling.

We thank you in advance!

Ron Handels | Anders Wimo | Anders Skoldunger